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    • April 2, 2019
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    What could turn a group of uneducated fisherman, tax collectors, and ordinary women into martyrs?
    Something remarkable – something they witnessed that changed everything.
    Something that caused them to trade their homes, jobs, and relationships it for a life of danger, hardship, and persecution.
    Something that they were so certain of, they were willing to die for it. (People may die for what they believe, but no one gives their life up for something that they know to be a lie.)
    Jesus’ disciples saw him die on the cross, and then they saw him three days later; eating, talking, breathing, and moving, completely alive. They (and more than 500 others) saw the evidence of His resurrection with their own eyes and they would never be the same.
    All of Christianity hinges on the resurrection, or it would be meaningless. We celebrate Easter because of that truth – the truth that Jesus died and rose again so that we could have a new life.
    We’d love for you to come spend Easter with us, regardless of what you believe. If you’re skeptical, that’s okay – some of Jesus’ disciples had doubts too, and we can give you more information. If you have a past, that’s okay – some of His disciples did too, but He loved them no matter what they had done or been through. And if you’re a believer, it’s one of the most important and special celebrations ever!
    Find directions and service times at Calvary.us/Easter!