Clearwater Renovations


We are so excited to begin construction some long awaited projects at the Clearwater campus starting in January of 2023! 

Chapel Renovations

The space formerly known as the Choir Room will be renovated into a Chapel. We are so excited to use elements from Calvary’s former building in downtown Clearwater from the 1920’s, including stained glass, and Pastor Anderson’s pulpit!

Walkway Project

A walkway will be constructed that will lead from the South Entrance of the main building to the Student Center.

Old Gym Renovations

The gym space off of the main lobby will be renovated into a multipurpose room. This will be a great space not only for Calvary Christian High School use, but for Calvary Church events, meetings, and ministerial needs, too!

Q & A

What does the Chapel project entail?


The Chapel building will be an addition to our current Clearwater campus facility on the northeast corner of our main building closest to Drew St and McMullen Booth Rd. It will be a 300 seat chapel with stained glass and pews that intentionally tie to Calvary’s historic past in downtown Clearwater. It will be a sacred space used for weddings, funerals, and other important events in the life of our faith community.

Is a new covered drop-off being added?


Yes, as part of this Chapel Project we are adding a new highly improved covered drop-off area on the north side of our building.

What will become of the old gymnasium off of the lobby?


The old gymnasium will become multi-use space. Part of the area will be meeting space and another part will still also be used for athletic activities. This space will be an excellent space for meetings and events. It will be used by Calvary Christian High School (CCHS) on a regular basis but it will also be available for church ministry events and ministries.

What is the walkway project?


The walkway project is a decorative walkway extending from the south entrance of our campus down to the Student Ministry Center. This will tie in the some of the facilities south of the main building (Student Ministry Center, Compassion Center) to the main part of our campus and also provide for better traffic flow and new parking areas.

When will these projects begin and when will they be done?


All of these projects will begin just after the holidays and we believe that all of them will completed by the fall of 2023.

How are these being paid for?


The renovation of the former gymnasium is being funded through the CCHS budget, through special designated funds, since it will be used extensively by CCHS. The walkway and the Chapel Project were identified and approved by our church as part of our x150: Advance campaign. Money for capital projects has been set aside and these projects on our Clearwater campus were held until the end of our campaign. We have enough funds in place to cover the walkway project and almost all of the Chapel Project. We believe that with a strong end to our x150 Advance campaign at the end of 2022 we will be able to fully fund all of these projects. We do not anticipate needing to borrow any money to complete these projects. If you would like to help finish the Chapel Project, you can make a designated gift and simply mark it “Chapel Project”.

What about ministries that have been using the current “choir room” or old gymnasium?


We will have to relocate all ministries and meetings that have been using those spaces. After the holidays both of those spaces will be off limits for use. We’re working with all groups and ministries that regularly use those spaces to find adequate space to relocate. We appreciate your flexibility and patience as work through this renovation.

Will there be any changes to traffic flow or parking areas?


Yes, there may be some but we think they will be minor. Please pay attention to all signs and be prepared for some minor changes as we move through this renovation.