Discover Dynamic Life

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Real. Abundant. Powerful. It’s the kind of life that Jesus made you for. It’s the kind of life that Jesus offers. You can call it dynamic life; life in all its fullness. Dynamic life is about trusting in Jesus, but it is also about growing in our faith. This Discover Dynamic Life 8-part study will help you grow in your faith and develop 7 life-long habits that will help you discover the dynamic life that God has for you.

Session One

Let’s Grow

By: William Rice

Session Two

Delight in God’s Truth

By: William Rice

Session Three

Yield Some Time to God

By: William Rice

Session Four

Nurture Authentic Community

By: William Rice

Session Five

Actively Serve Others

By: William Rice

Session Six

Magnify God with Passion

By: William Rice

Session Seven

Invest in God’s Kingdom

By: William Rice

Session Eight

Contagiously Influence Others

By: William Rice