• First Things – August 1

    • Willy Rice
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    • August 1, 2018
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    It’s great to be back in Clearwater! I can’t wait to be back at Calvary this Sunday, August 5th as we begin a new series and a new season of ministry. I want express my gratitude again for our congregational leaders who both encouraged and enabled me to step away for a few weeks this summer. I’m also grateful to our excellent team of pastors and staff who did a great job teaching during the month of July.

    This Sunday, I’ll begin a new series of teaching from the book of 2 Timothy that we’re calling “Next: What’s Next? Who’s Next?” In the Christian life, there is always a “next”. God is leading you to the next level and the next challenge. Join me this weekend as we talk about what’s next at Calvary.

    Sunday night, we are gathering all of our leaders from all three campuses for a special NEXT: Vision Summit. I hope leaders and volunteers from all 3 campuses will join with me at 6:00pm at our Clearwater campus to worship together, hear what God is doing, and to hear what’s next for our leaders at Calvary. I have an important message that God has put on my heart to share with Calvary’s leaders about our next season. If you lead or serve at Calvary, or are interested in leadership, teaching or serving in the near future, please join us Sunday night for a very important gathering.  Sign up at Calvary.us/VisionSummit.

    We are launching several new connect environments at Calvary to help people get connected and begin their spiritual journey at Calvary. One of those is our Starting Point Dinner. The Starting Point dinner is for those who are new to Calvary and want to get started on your journey here. It is an opportunity to meet with pastors and leaders at Calvary, hear about the mission and purpose of Calvary, and learn how you can get connected here. If you’re looking for a “starting point,” this is it! We will be hosting a Starting Point Dinner at each of our campuses on Wednesday, August 15th. To find out more information, visit Calvary.us/StartingPoint.

    Group Connect is Sunday,  August 26th. That weekend will be the perfect time to find out more about groups at Calvary and get connected.

    Many of our regular Wednesday night activities start back Wednesday, August 15th particularly AWANA at the Clearwater campus (Calvary.us/awana) and Calvary Students will meet at 6:00pm at all three campuses  (Calvary.us/students).

    Life is composed of seasons. There is a time to withdraw and rest and a time to engage and advance. I’m personally grateful for some days of withdraw and rest this summer and I do pray you’ve been able to enjoy a little of the same, or if not, that you soon will. However, as August begins, this is a season of engagement and advance at Calvary. I’m convinced God has big things in store for us and has been working in our midst to prepare us for a great season of fruitful and joyful ministry together. I look forward to seeing you this weekend.