• An X150 Story from Colorado

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    • July 20, 2018
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    Doorhangers in Denver


    How Calvary’s College & Young Adults Ministry served one of Calvary’s X150 churches (and why you should know about it!)


    (Written by John Antonucci, an X150 Leader at Calvary)


    Last week, 11 young adults from CYA, Calvary’s College & Young Adults ministry, visited The Heights Church, an X150 Church Plant in Denver, CO. The purpose of the trip was to help host a movie night for the local community in hopes of connecting the residents of Denver to The Heights Church. The prayer was that God would bring new people to this movie night who would eventually attend The Heights, where they could hear the Gospel, repent, and be saved.  


    During the week, the CYA team canvassed the Denver community and helped hang nearly 16,000 door-hangers for the event. The event itself was a huge success, as it was the largest community event ever put on by The Heights, with over 500 people in attendance. 18 people asked for more information about the church. The following Sunday, The Heights Church had their highest attended Sunday (that was not a holiday) in history!  


    While it may be hard to measure the long-term impact of this trip, the team learned that God can use even our seemingly ordinary efforts of hanging door-hangers and hosting a movie night to make a spiritual impact that can change someone’s eternal destiny. They also were able to experience what it means to live on mission by linking arms with a church plant that is truly helping people know and follow Jesus in the city of Denver.


    Corbin Hobbs, the pastor of The Heights Church, challenged the team to “Do what you do well for the glory of God, and do it somewhere strategic for the mission of God.” And we believe that message was not just for them, but for you as well! We want you to know about what God is doing in Denver and how you can be a part of it or another X150 church. Don’t let feelings of inadequacy or uncertainty hold you back from following God’s call- He uses normal people to build His kingdom!


    We are thrilled to multiply the mission of Calvary by being a part of this exciting new church plant through the X150 movement! If you want to learn more about X150 and our vision to help plant & revitalize 150 churches over the next 10 years, visit calvary.us/x150!