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    • April 27, 2018
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    An X150 update from Guatemala

    Multiplication. That’s the call; that’s the vision.

    We rejoice in the one that comes to Christ, but we seek to multiply. By tens, by hundreds, by thousands. And in a nation that is the most malnourished country in South America and the fourth most malnourished country in the world, people are hungry for more than just food. People are hungry for the Gospel. Conditions are ripe for multiplication to occur, and through Calvary’s X150 movement, multiplication is happening.

    Miguel Chub is one of Calvary’s X150 church planters in Guatemala.

    In Guatemala, which is just slightly smaller than Pennsylvania, more than half the population lives in rural areas, and more than 50% of the population is under age 19. Miguel is working to plant churches in the rural region of Alta Vera Paz, where villages are hours apart. There is a lack of reliable transportation and a lack of access to Biblical resources. He battled sickness and other obstacles, but through his obedience, something incredible happened.

    In 2017, 155 Guatemalans heard the Gospel and gave their lives to Christ.

    That’s 155 souls saved. 155 eternities changed. And 155 celebrations in heaven!

    And that’s not the only exciting news out of this country- another one of our church planters there, Manuel Choc Sagui, is working in the region of Quiché Guatemala to share the good news about Jesus. Two weeks ago, he and a team of young people from neighboring towns went to the pueblo of Paróquia to visit local families and invite them to a special service.

    110 people showed up and heard about the love and salvation found in Christ.


    God is doing amazing things in Guatemala. Consider joining Him and us as we seek to multiply by hundreds more. There are several ways for you to get involved: you can pray specifically for these church planters, give financially, or go on a trip and see what’s happening for yourself! Visit https://calvary.us/international-x/ and become a part of the X150 movement!