• Reckless Love

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    • November 18, 2018
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    A guest blog written by Courtney Hubbard, the Missions Coordinator at Calvary Christian High School, about an experience she had while on a mission trip that changed a fundamental understanding of who God is and how far He will go to pursue us.


    March 28th, 2018 is a day that I will never forget. My team and I were in small villages in Guatemala doing VBS style outreaches. We partnered with the local church in hopes of reaching kids who did not go to school. On this particular day, we did not have many kids show up to the church, so we decided to go out and invite them personally. We split up into teams of three with a translator and headed off to these villages on foot. This specific town was full of hills and mountains with unreached families.
    We started with the houses and small shops near the church and made our way outwards. After the first thirty minutes of walking up and down through these hills, I started to understand why most of these families had not heard of what was happening at the church. It was exhausting and dirty just to get to the local church. I began to wonder in my head when we were going to turn around because I was starting to get lost and tired. However, our translator insisted that we keep moving forward.
    About an hour into our journey, (that I thought was going to be fifteen minutes)  our translator points up this mountain and tells us to keep walking. He told us a little boy lives here that we needed to invite. This mountain was pretty steep and my sandals and long skirt were not exactly the best hiking gear. We did not stay at the home long, but we gave him the invitation. We finally started to head back to the church and had a long walk ahead of us.
    It was during the walk back when it hit me. There really is no shadow that He won’t light up or mountain He won’t climb up going after His children. God’s love towards us is that reckless. Reckless enough to leave the ninety- nine in an open field to send a few Americans to another country to reach the one. There is nothing safe or comfortable about the Gospel.  It is not our job to plan and figure everything out. It is our job to have a yes in our spirit and be willing to go and speak up when needed to.
    “Faith makes a fool of what makes sense”. This has been such a sweet reminder to me of how fleeting this life is. We have all been commissioned with one thing- to make His name known.
    If you would like to take a mission trip, visit calvary.us/international-m