• 2019 Financial Report

    • Willy Rice
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    • January 29, 2020
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    Dear Church Family,

    As we near the end of this first month of 2020, we are finalizing the final financial numbers for 2019 and it is a remarkable report that we are eager to share. I can now share with you the most accurate numbers available for how Calvary finished up our 2019 budget year as well as our historic x150: Advance campaign.

    X150: Advance

    The final commitments to our x150: Advance campaign have totaled $11,719,164.

    Wow! Over 11.7 million dollars to be given over the next 3 years!

    As part of that, Calvary families have already given $2,574,805 as a firstfruits offering. This is the part of the commitments that have already come in as actual gifts beginning with the start of the x150 Advance campaign through the end of the year 2019. 

    $11.7 million committed and $2.5 million already given. In so many ways, we view this as the most successful vision initiative in the history of our church. Thank you for believing in what God has called us to do together and helping us achieve this historic goal. Because of you, our x150 vision will continue to advance.

    2019 Ministries

    Our 2019 Ministry Plan is the planned or budgeted cost of accomplishing all the ministries that Calvary had planned for 2019. Our budget for 2019 was $7,750,000. Here is the final report. Through December 31, we received $7,901,975, exceeding our budget target by 1.96% A historic year!

    Our expenses are still being finalized by our financial office but the preliminary number as of this report is $7,622,126. Our final expense report will be completed by the end of the month and reported to the Calvary Finance Committee and Administrative Committee, but this number is very close to being the final number. Once again, Calvary will finish the year ahead of expectations and in the black financially.

    All of that should cause us to rejoice and give thanks. None of that should cause us to breathe easy and relax. There is much to be done. Our 2020 Ministry Plan calls for $8,200,000, a 3.77% increase of what we gave in 2019. 

    Thank you so much for what you have done and thank you for your continued support to advance God’s kingdom through the work of your local church. Remember you can give online at Calvary.us/Give and use the convenient option of setting up your giving on a regular basis. 

    Calvary is able to exist and accomplish all that God has called us to because of people just like you who believe, who give, and who work together to advance the mission God has given us. Thank you so very much. Let us rejoice in what God has done and work together to see even greater things in 2020.

    Your pastor,