• Death of George Floyd

    • Willy Rice
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    • May 27, 2020
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    Once again our nation is reeling from a tragedy that has left a man dead. Once again the horrific scene is caught on video for the world to see. Once again we are dealing with old thorns that grow from the bitter roots of racism and injustice.

    The video showing the death of George Floyd while in police custody in Minneapolis is horrific and profoundly disturbing. Our African American brothers and sisters grieve again today. There is in our nation a sad history of prejudice and injustice and this incident reinforces the perceptions of many that injustices continue still. I grieve with and for my friends, people I love, to know they are hurting today.

    Like most instances that flame up suddenly into our national news stream, there is much I do not know and there are appropriate ways to determine the facts and work to remedy whatever injustices have been perpetrated. It is not within my power or purview to determine those facts or to adjudicate this case or any other. But I do grieve. I grieve for the black community that understandably feels violated again. I grieve for my brothers and sisters who carry fears I do not carry and must endure burdens I know little about. I long for the day when justice will indeed roll down like the waters. I long for the king to come who will right every wrong and who alone can heal every wound. Until that day comes though, we must work to bind up the wounds where we can, we must work to ensure a more just society where each person is truly seen as a child of God and treated equally under the law.

    Let none of us imagine there is not much work to be done. Let none of us imagine that the experience of some of our brethren may be different than our own. Let none of us fail to grieve where we should and let none of us fail to do the hard work necessary to create a more perfect union for all our citizens. O God, heal our land.