• Easter Report

    • Willy Rice
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    • April 3, 2018
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    Great Easter Report

                      Before Easter of 2018 fades into memory, I wanted to express my sincere thanks for the hundreds of volunteers and the tireless efforts our Calvary staff that helped make this past Easter weekend the greatest in Calvary’s history. Last weekend over 7843 people gathered on our 3 campuses for Easter in 9 services over 2 days. Yes, that is a Calvary all-time record. It represents a 10.8% jump over last year. Our Clearwater campus was up 4.1% even though we launched our new Seminole campus this year where over 440 people gathered for the first time as Calvary Seminole. Our East Lake campus relocated the services into East Lake High School, no small task, and had their largest attendance ever, over 1300 people. Frankly, that is an amazing numerical report and none of that could happen if it weren’t for our volunteers who came early, stayed late and worked hard.

                      I thank all of you who adjusted your schedules, altered your routines, and parked in inconvenient places. You made room for literally hundreds of new people to hear the good news of Jesus’ resurrection.

                      We had many responses to the gospel as well in our “Meet & Greet” areas. Over 75 response cards were received and nearly 200 “Case for Easter” books and 88 Bibles were distributed.

                      Numerical reports never giver the whole story, but in cases like this they offer us a glimpse. God is at work through our church family. Thank you for all your help and let’s celebrate this and give thanks to the Lord.

                      I hope to see you next weekend at our normal scheduled times as we begin the new series, “Reasonable Doubts: Serious Questions that Keep People from Believing.” I’ll be dealing with the question, “If God is good and great, then why does evil exist and why do bad things happen?” It’s a great question and I look forward to tackling it with you. I look forward to seeing you next weekend at Calvary at one of our three campuses.