• First Things – October 1

    • Willy Rice
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    • October 1, 2019
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    Welcome to October. Time to get your pumpkin spice everything ready and pull out the fall gear that you won’t actually get to wear in Florida. Just buy a new swimsuit instead!

    Over the next few weeks at Calvary, you will be hearing more and more about our x150: Advance. In 2016, we launched a strategic vision to multiply by 150 churches over the next decade and, by God’s grace, we can count 45 wins in the first 3 years. We’ve launched 1 new campus, 7 church plants in North America, worked with 3 churches toward revitalization and helped plant 34 churches in Guatemala, Brazil, and Southeast Asia. Now we’re ready for the next step and we’re calling it our x150 Advance. 

    X150: Advance is our plan to plant 150 churches, raise up 150 champions (future leaders in gospel ministry) and provide assistance for 150 children through adoption and foster care ministries. We will also begin the construction of our new East Lake campus facility in a matter of days. Construction equipment is arriving this week and you will begin to see work beginning next week if all goes according to plan. Here we go!

    X150: Advance is about advancing God’s kingdom, not just one big church getting bigger or marginally better, but about being part of a movement that advances God’s kingdom here and around the world. 

    I’m looking forward to sharing more about our x150 vision with you. We will be asking every person in our Calvary family to pray and join us in making a financial commitment to x150: Advance in November that will span the next 3 years (2020-2022) and to give as much as you can in a firstfruits offering between Thanksgiving and the end of this calendar year. 

    Our X150: Advance budget calls for $12 Million above our normal operating budget over the next 3 years. This is a great vision, a great challenge, and it calls for great resourcing. Would you pray with us over the next few weeks and ask God what He would do through you?

    This is a critical time in the life of Calvary, and together we can be part of His Kingdom’s advance, an x150: Advance.

    I hope you have a great month and we hope to see you at Calvary this coming weekend. Who knows? Maybe we will get a cool breeze in the air.