• Stephen Christian’s Tour

    • Willy Rice
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    • May 15, 2019
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    These last few months have been a time of transition and change in the worship and music ministry at Calvary, specifically on our Clearwater campus. While it hasn’t all been easy, I am profoundly grateful for those who have prayed, encouraged and been patient as we engage a new era of worship at Calvary.

    I have so enjoyed my partnership with Stephen Christian. One of my favorite hours of the week is when we sit down and evaluate our worship and music. We’ve listened. We’ve adjusted. We’re working, and I couldn’t be more excited about where we are headed.

    When we began talking with Stephen last fall, he shared with us a conflict on his calendar this summer. He had already committed to touring during the months of June and July with Anberlin, his former band, as part of a reunion tour. He will be traveling in Australia as well as some cities in America as part of a one-time commitment he had previously made. So after this coming weekend, May 19th, Stephen will be away on an unpaid leave until the end of July to  fulfill this prior commitment. He will be back in place Sunday, August 4th as planned.

    Our worship ministry won’t miss a beat. Our Clearwater campus will be led by our talented worship team, mostly under the direction of Kyle Mullett, during the weeks Stephen is away. We’re looking forward to a great summer ahead and wish Stephen well on his tour and look forward to his safe and soon return.