• Voddie Baucham Statement

    • Willy Rice
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    • March 9, 2022
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    Voddie Baucham is my brother in Christ. Over the last few days, there have been reports that Voddie, a well-known personality in evangelical circles, has been encouraged to run for the office of SBC President. As many of you know, I have announced that I will allow myself to be nominated for that office this summer.

    I am aware that there is some question regarding Voddie’s eligibility as he has acknowledged that he is not presently a member of an SBC church. I will leave that conversation and discussion to others. However, over the last several days, a number of social media posts and articles have been written that are strongly critical of Voddie. In my opinion, some of these things simply cross the line. Such attacks are unnecessary, unloving, and harmful to our witness. I condemn both the nature and the content of criticisms that distort the truth, unjustly impugn Voddie’s character, and attack his family.

    I do not know Voddie Baucham. I have been aware of his prodigious ministry through the years, and I appreciate his courage and conviction. That does not mean I endorse or agree with everything he has said or the way he may have said it. But Voddie is my brother in Christ, and I welcome his voice and involvement in the Southern Baptist Convention.

    We can discuss and debate our differences, but when we do, we should manifest the fruit of the Spirit, not the spirit of this age. I have no intention of running against Voddie Baucham (or anyone else for that matter). I want to run with anyone following after Jesus, who loves Southern Baptists and desires to see us fulfill our Great Commission mandate. Southern Baptists will decide who should lead in this office. I trust them and God’s hand of providence with that matter.

    For the sake of our gospel witness, we must learn to discuss and debate our differences with greater kindness and charity, and we must work to maintain the unity of our fellowship. I can almost hear the voice of our Savior reproving us as He reproved the first disciples when he rebuked them for acting just like the “kings of the Gentiles” and then said, “It is not to be like that among you” (Luke 22:26).

    I would ask all Southern Baptists to stop attacking people on a personal level, and please stop trying to score cheap points on social media by hurting others. All we have done is badly harm our gospel witness. Voddie Baucham is my brother in Christ, and he should always be treated as a brother and not an adversary.