Our mission is to provide watch care, safety and protection while modeling grace and servant leadership.

Mission Statement

• To provide a safe and secure environment for all who worship, visit, work and volunteer at Calvary Church.

• To be unobtrusive and to promote an atmosphere conducive to a healthy worship experience.

• To champion the vision, purpose, and mission of the Calvary Church by building relationships that bring people to dynamic life in Christ.

• To be a disciple maker who is constantly taking the next step in their faith journey here at Calvary Church.

There are two parts of your Church Safety Team. There is the Safety Team whom we typically seek volunteers with a background in law enforcement, military service and security for these roles. There is also the Medical Team which includes people like doctors, EMTs and nurses. These groups often work in tandem so it’s vital to understand each other’s roles and protocols.

Calvary’s Safety Team members are expected to complete all of the listed requirements prior to becoming an approved, active member of the Safety Team. The requirements have been developed to protect you, our guests and the ministries of Calvary Church. As well, many of the requirements afford you the opportunity to become a part of the Calvary family in a deeper, more meaningful way. Regardless of what area of ministry you have been called to, our goal is to help everyone take the next step on their Faith Journey.

Safety Training 
July 9th | 8:30am – 4:30pm

Ethics and Conduct

One of the basics of any position of trust, but especially when in charge of the safety of others, is having ethics and behaving appropriately at all times. The following attributes are foundational to our serving as a Safety Team Member.

• Honor Others Above Yourself. Be courteous, conscientious, professional and respectful. Educate people with humility rather than scolding them.

• Perform all Duties Completely, Correctly and on Time. Team members must understand that their actions are an important ministry. Their actions reflect their training (or lack thereof). Team members should never cut corners or be late with reports and communications.

• Be an Example for Others. Safety team members model what being safe looks like through their actions on and off duty.

• Be Faithful. Team members should understand that they have committed to doing something on behalf of the Church and God. They must honor this commitment by working scheduled shifts and attending trainings.

• Be Wise. Keep information confidential. Answering a question about the closest fire exit is one thing. Sharing the safest and least safest areas in the building is not. Example: Team members should always ask themselves why someone is asking about the safety plan and answer with care.

• Be Discreet. Team members will likely learn private information about congregants. Knowledge of this information can help and is never for gossip


All members of the safety team must understand their priorities.

• Attend Church Services. Safety Team participants must be an example to the rest of the congregation and a big part of this is maintaining their relationships with Christ. Working too many shifts can interfere with this. We will schedule team members equitably.

• Spend Time with Their Families. Every obligation comes with sacrifice. Any time a member reports for training, meetings or duty they are losing time with their families. We will make sure volunteer schedules don’t affect their home lives. Your family is to be your first and most important ministry.


WComplete the Covenant Membership Class – Become a Covenant Member of Calvary Church and have completed Covenant Membership for a period of six months prior to serving on the Safety Team.

Complete the following steps in the Team Calvary/Safety Team on-boarding process:

Complete Safety Team Application
Complete Safety Team Acknowledgment Form
Complete Safety Team Code of Ethics Form
Complete Copy of W, G, or LEO Credentials to Lead Administrator
Complete Safety Team Firearms Safety Class – if armed
Complete Successful Range Qualification every 12 months

Must be a minimum of 21 years of age
Complete the Safety Team Interview
No addiction to alcohol or drugs
No criminal history involving crimes of moral turpitude
Must be willing to abide by all Safety Team expectations

Safety Team Expectations
  • Participate in ALL required Safety Team trainings
  • Possess a current Florida Class W, G or Law Enforcement credentials (If serving as an armed Safety Team member)
  • Complete the annually firearms qualification under the direction of Safety Team leadership
  • Comply with the Safety Team Policy Manual
  • Abide by all Safety Team SOP’s (Standard Operating Procedures)
  • Be aware and in compliance with ALL Florida firearms statutes
  • Commit to serving on the Safety Team at a minimum of twice per month
  • Be willing to serve at Calvary special events as needed and called for
  • (Unarmed Safety Team members are exempt from firearm requirements)