Although this season of graduation does not look like what some High School seniors may have imagined, we believe now, more than ever, that it is so important to celebrate and congratulate our seniors for completing this milestone! Below you can find details on our Senior Parade as well as how to “Sponsor a Senior” through their first semester of college. Let’s continue to be the church and support our next generation leaders!


May 31st | Arrival 6:00PM | Event Begins at 6:30PM | Clearwater Campus (The corner of Drew St. and McMullen Booth Rd., Drew. St. Entrance) 
We’re inviting our church family and local community to gather in the Clearwater Campus parking lot on Sunday, May 31st at 6:00PM for our Drive-Thru Senior Parade! Come prepared to celebrate your senior with homemade signs, decorate your cars, or represent your senior’s school flag, mascot, and colors (Extra points for creativity)!



When signing up for Grad Care, your role is to stay connected with that student and be an encouragement to them as a part of our church. On average, two thirds of college students who regularly attended church through High School, are known to drop out of church attendance and activities. It is so vital for us as their church to support them and encourage them in their faith during their first semester of college. As a Grad Care sponsor, you’ll have the opportunity to send notes in the mail, give phone calls, text messages and care packages, encouraging them in their relationship with Jesus. To learn more, visit the link below.