Calvary’s Discipleship Frame

Everything we do, we do to build relationships to bring people to dynamic life in Christ. At Calvary, we use a tool called The Discipleship Frame. It is a comprehensive understanding of what we believe God has called us to be and to do in order to help you and others in our communities and around the world believe in and follow Jesus Christ. It encompasses our mission, core values, mission measures, and strategy.

Our Mission

Since the Church is God’s family, it belongs to Him, and exists for Him to fulfill HIs purpose. God determines the mission of the Church.
Our mission at Calvary is to Build Relationships to Bring People to Dynamic Life in Christ.

Our Core Values

We identified 3 core values that we want to permeate every ministry and every activity at Calvary.
Our three core values are:
We value spiritual authority, faithful explanation, and daily application of the Bible.
We value practical demonstrations of the love of God toward others.
We value the transforming power of healthy relationships.

Our Mission Measures

What does a disciple of Christ look like? What is dynamic life? We’ve already seen that life is about building relationships. Everyone needs a relationship in three spheres – at Calvary, a disciple is someone who has….
Peace With God
A Place in His Family
A Purpose in the World

Our Strategy

Our strategy is designed to help people move from a point of initial contact with the Gospel and Calvary towards the goal of becoming fully invested in being a disciple of Jesus and multiplying their lives by discipling others. Think of our strategy as a map designed to help you along your journey to dynamic life. Where are you on the map?
1. Gather for Worship
2. Connect in a Group
3. Serve on a Team
4. Multiply Your Life