• Calvary Students – Parent Resource – April 12

    • Justin Facenda
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    • April 12, 2018
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    Dear Parents,


    Hello! We just completed our second week in our four-week study on “70 Times 7: Lessons on Forgiveness”. We had a really good time of discussion and Bible study. I hope your teenager got a lot out of it.


    This week, the lesson was entitled “Forgive To Be Forgiven,” and it focused on helping students understand the somewhat complex words of Christ, when He said that God will not forgive us unless we forgive others. We challenged students to identify anyone in their lives to whom they need to extend forgiveness, and to commit to forgiving him or her.


    We looked at the following Scripture passages:

    • Matthew 18:21-35

    • Matthew 6:14-15

    • Mark 11:25


    You’ll enjoy reading these great scriptures and seeing how God expects us to model His willingness to forgive.



    Next Steps . . .


    During the next week as you have time to talk with your teen, consider asking the following questions:

    • Do you remember how you guys talked about Jesus words about forgiveness? It seems kind of harsh. How did your group make sense of Jesus saying that we must forgive others if we expect God to forgive us?
    • Are you holding a grudge against anyone right now? Can we talk about it? What has to happen to help move you to a place of forgiveness?
    • What are some ways our family can model God’s mercy to others we encounter? Can we think of some specific ways we might do this?


    Parent Resource of the Week:


    In a world with so many conflicting messages, it is vitally important for students in middle school and high school to grasp the concept of “What is Truth?” College professors are notorious for challenging the belief systems of their students, especially students from Christian backgrounds. This happens in the workplace as well. Our desire as a student ministry is to partner with parents in helping to prepare students to face challenges to their faith. If they just come to “youth group” and have a good time and respond to challenging messages on being moral individuals, then we are failing you and your students. We must guide them through a process of changing the way they view life. A Christian Worldview will outlast any moralistic behavior modification.

    We have a unique and amazing privilege to host Dr. Del Tackett for a one-night seminar on Friday, April 27th from 7-9. Del is founder of “The Truth Project”, apologetic study by Focus on the Family, and director of “Is Genesis History?”, a documentary film looking at evidences for creation (currently on Netflix). Del will be addressing the vital importance of knowing Truth. He will be discussing it from this perspective – What if Genesis ISN’T history? I hope you will make this a family evening. You can get more information and even pre-register for this FREE Seminar at www.calvary.us/truth