• Calvary Students – Parent Resource – August 23

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    • August 23, 2018
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    Dear Parents,


    Calvary Students is back in full swing. Students are settling into their weekly rhythms and schedules, and parents are still trying to figure out where summer went. Each week, we are going to send out a recap email to let you know what the Big Picture in Calvary Students is for the week. Whether you are a part of Middle School or High School Ministry at any of our campuses, this resource will let you know how to best engage your student(s). Thanks for letting us speak into your family’s life.


    Our series is called “This Is US”, and we will be looking at what it is that makes Calvary Students who we are. This week, we started to look ‘Behind the Scenes’ and see that what we value shapes who we are. This week’s value was Compassion. When we have a proper view of the Gospel, it changes how we see others. We are called to show compassion in a crazy way that is different than our culture.


    We looked at the following Scripture passages:


    • 2 Samuel 9
    • Luke 10:25-37
    • Matthew 9:18-38


    You’ll enjoy reading these great scriptures and realizing that we are conduits of compassion that starts with God and flows through us.



    Next Steps . . .


    During the next week as you have time to talk with your teen, consider asking the following questions:

    • What are some of the ways that you can show compassion at home, at school, in our neighborhood?
    • Why should a Christian be characterized by showing compassion? To whom should we show compassion?
    • Think about ways that you as a family can set goals for the week to invest your lives into those around you. Once you set these goals, keep talking about who you are serving throughout the week.



    Parent Resource of the Week:


    Here is where we try to share with you some sort of helpful advice or information on student culture that will help you as you parent middle school and high school students. But, for this week, we just want to put a smile on your face. I am sure if you have students in your house between the ages of 11 and 18, you are familiar with Fortnite. Enjoy this parody of “I Got A Feeling” along with videos of parents ending summer by taking away Fornite from their kids. It’s worth the time. We are looking forward to a great year in ministry. WATCH NOW