• Calvary Students – Parent Resource – May 17

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    • May 17, 2018
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    Dear Parents,


    This week’s lesson was unique among the entire year’s studies because it did not spotlight any actual words of Jesus. Your teenager discovered what Jesus’ mother Mary had to say when faced with her situation of being pregnant with Jesus before she was married. Instead of living her life in shame she boldly moved forward trusting that God was bigger than anything she might face. Mary found peace instead of stress because to chose to trust God even though she could have had zero understanding of how things would work out.


    Teenagers sometimes experience lots of stress, and then choose the wrong way to deal with it. They focus on the overwhelming nature of stress instead of giving it over to God and trusting Him to see them through it. This week your teenager was challenged to make the right choice: when faced with stress, choose to surrender the emotions of their stressful situation to God.


    Next Steps . . .


    During the week you may have some time to talk to your student about the lesson. Here are some questions to help you with that discussion.


    • Mary had two choices with how she responded to the angle’s news: do you remember what they were?
    • Why do you think we all sometimes choose to be overwhelmed by the stressors in our lives?
    • Can you think of a time in your life when you felt like you were about to be overwhelmed by stress but chose to surrender it to God? How did it make you feel?


    Parent Resource of the Week:


    From our team’s interactions with students, we know that life isn’t perfect and that means we are all living with sinners. Conflict and hardship at home are realities in our everyday lives. What you do with them is what is important. I was looking online for a timely word on parenting from the heart of a mother, and there was a ton of words of wisdom for mothers as they raise their children in the ways of God. But I wanted to reach a little further with our resource this week, and I found it. Desiring God has an incredible team of writers and researchers. I found an article that is actually a link to multiple articles. There are five topical headings, The Goal of Parenting: Eternity in the EverydayThe High Calling of FatherhoodThe Deep Impact of MotherhoodDiscipline: To Train the HeartParenting in the Hardest of Times.  Each of these sections link to multiple great articles to help challenge you in this thing called parenting.  Take a moment to assess an area where you may specifically need a word or encouragement or challenge and dig in.  Read Articles Here.