• Calvary Students – Parent Resource – October 18

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    • October 18, 2018
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    Dear Parents,


    This week, we continued in our series that we are calling “Hot Topics”.  Each week, we will address areas in our culture and current issues students are facing to share what the Bible has to say about these “hot topics”. The basic idea of the series is that we want to teach students that the Bible is the ultimate source of Truth and that the Bible speaks to all areas of our lives. Culture and media are powerful voices in our lives, so we need to learn to filter what we see and hear through the Word of God. We are excited for the conversations that will come out of this series.


    We looked at the following Scripture passages:


    • Luke 7:38-50 and Romans 6:1 (Clearwater – Freedom & Failures – We often struggle between abusing our freedom in Christ and feeling as if we are just failures)
    • Judgement House Practice (Seminole – Pray for our team as they prepare to host Judgement House this month)
    • James 1:27 (East Lake – Our Role In Social Justice – We must have a concern for people’s salvation while we lobby for their situation.)


    Depending on the campus you attend, you heard a powerful message from God’s Word and how it applies in our lives. We hope that through this series, we will be able to address some of the “hot topics” that are in your face on a daily basis. This past week, we were able to look at how what we do in our lives right now can greatly affect our future, how to see people as God sees them and loves them, and how to know what is too far.



    Next Steps . . .


    During the next week as you have time to talk with your student, consider asking the following questions:

    • What was the main topic that you guys addressed in youth group?
    • How do you see that topic within your culture (school, social media, news, etc)?
    • What did you learn about how to live out God’s Truth in regard to that situation? What can we do as a family to address this issue? How will this change what you choose to do?


    Parent Resource of the Week:

    The New iPhone Update:

    Statistics show that students are on social media, online gaming, and youtube now more than ever. In fact, studies show that teens are on their phones for over a third of their day (9 hours a day to be exact). HOW INSANE IS THAT!? One of the reasons why the younger generation sometimes has trouble relationally and socially is because their default way to communicate is via technology. Conversations and connections are able to happen easier now more than ever due to technology, but relationships and communication has never been at a more shallow level than it is today!

    Maybe you are reading this thinking “that is my kid!” Or maybe you are a parent who hasn’t decided to take that step with your student to get them a smartphone. Whichever category you fall in, we want to help equip you to monitor and manage what your kids are doing on their iPhone!

    The newest operating system for Phones has a feature called “Screen Time”.

    This feature keeps track of how long your phone screen is active on certain apps like: Social Networking, Productivity, and Reading and Reference. You can see how long your phone screen has had each category on the screen when the phone is active! To access this feature, all you have to do is open your settings, and scroll down to the title “Screen Time”- give it a click, and you’ll see the results!

    The best part about this feature is that it lets you set specific time limits for each category. For example, you can set a one hour time limit on all social media apps. When the hour is up, your phone then doesn’t allow social media apps to be opened without a notification that you have reached your time limit.

    You can even take it one step further and set a passcode on the time limit you set! So if your student passes their allotted time for specific categories, like social media, they will then need to enter a passcode to unlock the use of that category for further use. You can set the passcode yourself so that you, and only you, know the code!

    Social media, gaming, and music/videos are good things to partake in, in moderation. Sometimes I even find myself getting carried away with the time I spend on my phone. Thankfully there are ways to monitor and manage my intake!

    -Pastor Matt Gibney