• Calvary Students – Parent Resource – September 27

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    • September 27, 2018
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    Dear Parents,


    This is the end of “This Is Us”. We closed out our 6-week look at the values of Calvary Church and the descriptions of what a Christ-Follower looks like. As a quick recap, we value Compassion, Community and Truth. These values shape the decisions we make and the direction we move as a ministry and as a people of God. There are also three descriptions of a believer that include having Peace with God, a Place in God’s Family, and a Purpose in the World. This last week, we talked about the command that God gave us to “go” into the world with the Gospel of Jesus. We are all called to make disciples by sharing our story and sharing the God’s story of salvation in Christ. It would be a great time to Gospel conversations with your student.


    We looked at the following Scripture passages:


    • Matthew 28:19-20


    This passage is often called the Great Commission. Jesus does give us a command to make disciples, and He lays it out as an understood norm not a random circumstance. Read the Great Commission with your family then take time to contextualize it as to what God would tell you to do to make disciples where you are.



    Next Steps . . .


    During the next week as you have time to talk with your student, consider asking the following questions:

    • Why do you think this message is one of the last things Jesus tells His disciples (and us) before He ascends into Heaven?
    • How does “fulfilling the great commission” radically transform our daily routine? What are some things that would change in our lives if our focus was telling others about Christ? Why is it so important to be sharers of the Gospel?
    • It would be a great practical help to go around the room during a time when the family is gathered and have everyone share their story of how they came to place their faith in Jesus. Perhaps it could be a moment where one of your family members may decide to trust Jesus. Most students have never heard their parents’ salvation experience. Share it.


    Parent Resource of the Week:

    We live in a society that teaches our students that competition is everything. If you have a student who participates in a sport, you have undoubtedly seen that parent who gets too worked up over every aspect of the game (if you are that parent, I hope I didn’t offend you). In this culture of “competition dictating everything” our students lives can be greatly affected. It shapes the very identity they have! In this blog post, Caleb Roose talks about finding identity, belonging, and purpose in a competitive world. READ NOW