Calvary Students is a great environment for mid through high school students to explore their own faith, build lasting friendships, and develop a strong relationship with Jesus that can withstand!


Every Sunday at 8:45 am and Wednesday at 6:00pm, Students meet across all campuses to hangout with friends, worship, and experience God together.

You can find our in-person safety protocols below!


D-groups are groups of 3-5 students with an adult leader. We believe that community is vital, and our D-groups are a place for all students to belong, learn and grow.


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D-Groups, or Discipleship Groups, are the best way to grow in your relationship with God. These groups are between 3-5 students with an adult leader and are designed to help students become Disciple Makers. We will use 4 Disciple Maker Tools weekly as we study the Bible, share the gospel, pray for the lost, and provide accountability.  If you are ready to join a D-Group you can apply here!