• Calvary Students Life – June 26

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    • June 26, 2018
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    Summer is here. Students are sleeping until noon, sitting by the pool, getting summer jobs, traveling the world. And for some of you, you are going crazy with nothing to do! We are here for you.

    Weekly Connections:

    There are weekly events for you to connect with each other and dig into God’s Word.

    Sunday Morning Groups:  At each of Calvary’s Campuses, you can find Community Groups for middle school and high school students during the first service. Students are encouraged to attend a group for first service and attend the worship service for the second one.


    Wednesday Bible Study:  The East Lake Campus will provide a Bible Study time for middle school and high school students on Wednesdays from 10:30 – 12:30 in the café on the East Lake Campus weekly.  The study starts this week.


    Thursday Talks:  The Clearwater Campus is having a Bible Study time for high school students every Thursday. Join us at a local Starbucks for a time in God’s Word together (locations and times: Clearwater Mall – 11am-12:30pm // Downtown Safety Harbor – 5pm-6:30pm // US-19 & Curlew Rd – 5pm-6:30pm // Ridgemoor – 5pm-6:30pm).  These groups will meet all summer except on Thursday, July 19th as we are gone at camp.

    Events This Week:

    Find out what special events are going on at your campus this week.

    East Lake High School Pool Party – 6:00 – 8:30 this Wednesday night, High School students at the East Lake Campus are invited to the Evert’s House for a pool party. Everyone bring your own eats and drinks!


    Clearwater Middle School House Party – 6:00 – 9:00 this Friday night, Middle School students at the Clearwater Campus are invited to the Dyment’s House for a house party. Games, scavenger hunts, and pool time. Girls bring a 2-liter and guys bring snacks or dessert. Pizza provided.


    Clearwater High School House Party – 5:00-9:00 on Tuesday, July 3rd, High School students at the Clearwater Campus are invited to come make a splash at the Marlin’s house on Lake Tarpon. We will have pizza and enjoy the sun and some fun. Guys bring drinks, girls bring desserts.

    Calvary Students Summer Schedule

    There is plenty to do this summer for our students. To know what we are doing and to register for summer events, simply visit our Summer Schedule at www.calvary.us/studentsummer. This calendar is already full, and it is going to be getting even fuller. You will want to take a look every week to see what is happening for your students.

    Be on the lookout for our weekly “CALVARY STUDENTS LIFE” posts on Mondays.

    -The Calvary Students Team


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