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    • May 10, 2019
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    Description of Performing Arts Classes:


    There will be two dance classes offered, both of which will provide kids not only with technical dance training but also with a greater understanding of how dance should be used as a tool to worship God. The classes will work on basic ballet, lyrical, and jazz technique and will allow the kids to learn choreography in each of these styles. The classes will also teach improvisation technique and allow the kids to participate in choreographing worship pieces as well as pieces which will be utilized in the performance at the end of the week. The dancers will additionally have an opportunity to lead worship through dance during the camp’s devotional time.


    Theatre with an Acting Concentration: There will be two Theatre classes offered, both of which will be in junction with one another, as the campers convey an adapted story of “You Are Special” originally written by Max Lucado. In this elective, campers will have the opportunity to learn introductory acting techniques, such as stage directions, memorization tips, and how to hone in on their craft as a way to give glory to God! This class is for campers who have a love for acting and want to perform, since they will be presenting the adapted work at the end of the week. In addition to the performance, this class will also have the chance to lead the entire camp in a worship ensemble piece once during the week.

    Theatre with a Technical Concentration: This Theatre elective is offered for campers who have a heart for the behind the scenes aspects of the Theatre world. They will get the opportunity to learn valuable techniques, such as stage managing, costuming, prop designs, and scenery elements. They will be helping with the design of the “You Are Special” performance at the end of the week, but will also get the opportunity to lead worship once throughout the week for the entire camp.

    Choral Music

    This class will be offered to campers who solely want to sing in a choir ensemble. Throughout the week campers will be learning to sing a choral piece that will be presented at the end of the week presentation, as it goes in tandem with the other Choral music class available. Campers will get the opportunity to learn musical techniques to better their sight reading and ear training. Also, by being in a Choir, they will be learning the importance of group dynamics in relation to body of Christ. In addition to the performance at the end of the week, they will also get the chance to lead the entire camp in a choral worship piece during the week!

    Choral Music with Instrumental Emphasis

    This class will primarily be a choral experience, but will also incorporate elements of instrumental training with basic percussion instruments.  The kids will learn to sing both pieces of worship repertoire which they will utilize to lead the other camper’s in worship during the daily devotions and collaborative pieces which will be a part of the end of the week performance. The kids will be given practice accompanying choral pieces with instruments, creating instrumental lines which highlight the phrasing and dynamics of a musical work, and utilizing the various timbres and sound possibilities of instruments to convey meaning. The focus of the class will be using both the voice and instruments simultaneously to glorify God through pursuing excellence in performance and submitting to God with a heart of praise!

    About Emily and Karah:

    Emily Pitts graduated from Samford University in 2018 with a BFA major in Theatre for Youth and a minor in Worship Leadership. She is passionate about sharing her love of Jesus with anyone who will hear! She believes that the arts are an important vessel that can showcase the glory of God!

    Karah Rushing is entering her senior year at Liberty University pursuing a BM degree in Instrumental Music Education with a minor in Theatre Arts. Karah has also studied a variety of dance styles and is currently the captain of Divine Call Dance Troupe at Liberty University. She loves using all the arts as tools to worship God, and is passionate about teaching kids to utilize their artistic talents and passions to bring God glory.