• Calvary Students Waiver

    • Justin Facenda
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    • August 15, 2018
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    Calvary Students is the student ministry of Calvary Church.  We love to engage with students on a weekly basis in worship, groups, games, outings, and all sorts of activities.  With students, we always know there will be possibilities for injuries to happen.  When we have injuries that occur, our team will complete “incident reports” to inform you as to what happened (i.e. skinned knee, hit head, rolled an ankle) and what we did to take care of the situation (i.e. bandaid, ice pack, cleaned with antiseptic).  We keep an active file of Waiver/Release forms on each of our students that participate.  This is very quick and easy for you to do.  There are a few emergency contact info questions, and a waiver/release to read, sign and date.  There is also a digital signature at the bottom which you will complete by typing in your name.  Once you hit submit, your student is good to go.  There is no need to print off a form; it is all done online.

    Thanks for allowing your student(s) to engage with Calvary Students.