We are excited that you have taken the next step to serve on a team! All volunteers at Calvary Church, must complete the following forms:

Document #1

Volunteer Application

Please submit an application based on the campus location in which you plan to serve.

Document #2

Background Check

All volunteers must submit a background check to serve in any capacity at Calvary Church.

Document #3

Abuse Acknowledgement Prevention Form

After reading Calvary Church’s Child and Student Abuse Prevention Program guidelines, please read Acknowledgment below, sign with your Electronic Signature and submit.

Abuse Prevention Policy 


If you can’t find your email link, we will resend it to you!

Document #4

MinistrySafe Video & Test

MinistrySafe Training and Test is required for all Calvary volunteers, including those who serve directly with minors and those who do not serve directly with minors. It is a priorty that all volunteers are trained and equipped to keep safety a priorty for our kids and students, volunteers, and staff. 

In our Team Calvary Orientation, you watched watch a training video. After attending the class, you will receive a link to complete the test. The link is linked to each individual’s account. 




Please send us any questions you have about volunteering at Calvary or an update on your volunteer status.

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