Calvary’s Serve Teams

Thank you for taking a step to use your gifts and talents to help others say ‘yes’ to Jesus!

All volunteers serving in Calvary Ministries and in Missions are required to complete these steps. Here you will complete a volunteer application, a background check, and abuse prevention training. A ministry leader will contact you for the last step.

All 5 Steps Must Be Complete

Prior to being approved for serving.

1. Volunteer Application



Calvary’s Volunteer Application asks for (3) references and affirmation of our Statement of Beliefs. 

2. Background Check 

Background Checks through Protect My Ministry are required for all adult employees, staff, and volunteers. 

*Minors do not need to complete this step.

3. Abuse Acknowledgement Prevention Form

After reading Calvary Church’s Child and Student Abuse Prevention Program Guidelines, please read and sign the Acknowledgment with your electronic signature and submit it.

Abuse Prevention Program Guidelines 

Programa De Prevencion De Abuso Infantil Y Estudiantial


This training is required for every adult volunteer, employee, and staff at Calvary, whether you serve directly or indirectly with minors.

It is a priority that all volunteers are trained and equipped to keep safety a priority for our kids and students, volunteers, and staff. 


4. MinistrySafe Training & Quiz

Carefully follow each step.

In order to complete this step, you must complete the training video AND the quiz.

1. Watch Video

Watch the video to the left with Pastor Nate McKnight about our MinistrySafe policy.

      • For some, this material may be difficult to watch. Please be aware you do not have to view all of the video at once. Also, please be aware that the content is not suitable for children looking or listening over your shoulder.
      • Volunteers ages 14+ are required to watched the video.
2. Sign Form

Sign this form that you have watched the video. (Required for volunteers 14+ and up)

I have watched the MinistrySafe Training Video.

3. Check your email inbox for the MinistrySafe Quiz.

The quiz is linked to your personal profile and is your unique link. 

When you receive the link, watch the additional training videos if you choose. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, click that you have watched the video, and then click “take quiz.” The quiz is 25-questions and should take about 5-10 minutes to complete.

*Only volunteers age 18+ need to take the quiz.


5. Interview and Orientation

One of our ministry leaders will reach out to you for an interview and to schedule an orientation. 

I am so happy my family got off the sidelines

as casual observers and decided to go all in. It has made a kingdom difference to my family. As a result, my husband is having a life changing experience today with a team in Africa and my kids are connected in ways that I could only hoped for. Attending church is step one. Getting involved is what makes all the difference!

Karey, Calvary East Lake


Contact our Connection Department if you have any questions!

Which application do I use if I attend several campuses?

Select the application at the campus in which you plan on serving. If you want to serve at more than one campus, that’s awesome! You only have to complete one application and once you have completed all the steps, you can serve at any campus.

I am a minor. What do I need to complete?

Middle School: Please complete step 1 and 3.
High School: Please complete step 1, 3, and 4.

I can't find my MinistrySafe link for the quiz.

No problem! We will send you the link. Click “contact us” and we will send you the link.

I received notification that I have not completed a step, but it has been submitted.

Our apologies! Sometimes we send out the wrong email or have overlooked that detail. Contact us and we will double-check!