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Become a Calvary X150 Intern

God is moving. Are you?


We believe investing in the next generation of leaders is one of the most strategic ways to impact the God’s Kingdom. This internship is designed to give you hands on experience and exposure to local, national, and international church planting. Our Church is dedicated to help you discover God’s calling on your life, develop your gifts as a servant leader, and deploy you into the mission field through our multi level church planting effort, X150.


Through personal assessment, coaching, and mentorship, you can better understand how your gifts and abilities can be used for the purpose of advancing God’s kingdom.


Experience various types of training & teaching from key leaders and church planters to grow you as a disciple-maker on mission. *Through our Seminary partnerships, you may be eligible to earn credits towards your Graduate degree right here in Clearwater.


God has called you to use your life for the sake of His mission. Calvary wants to help support and send you to the people and places who need the Gospel by being apart of church planting teams across the globe.
The X150 Internship is a 5-month program designed to help future ministry leaders discern their unique calling within Calvary’s X150 multiplication vision. Throughout the program, interns will be exposed to and network with Calvary’s X150 partners, gain practical ministry experience, and learn through formal and informal training opportunities.

The goal of the internship program is to help men and women discover their vocation and gain an understanding of how they can multiply their life in a variety of Kingdom contexts – Calvary church campuses, international church planting movements, church revitalizations, and North American church plants.

What makes the X150 Internship unique is the intentional exposure to Calvary’s ministries and ministry partners.  From the outset of the program, interns will have opportunities to learn from and work alongside key leaders at Calvary Church and at Calvary’s partners on the ground locally, nationally, and internationally. Specifically, interns will engage in real world ministry by leading in Calvary’s College & Young Adult ministry.

Throughout the program, interns also will be immersed in various training environments such as Calvary staff meetings, X150 conferences, the Calvary Coaching Network, and NAMB and IMB training curricula.

Program Details:

Location:Calvary Church

Duration of Program:5 months (January through May)

Program Start Date:Tuesday, January 15th

Application Deadline:Sunday, December 15th

Time Commitment:6-8 hours/week

(Sunday nights from 5-7pm (monthly), Tuesdays from 9am-12pm, Thursdays from 6pm-9pm.)

X150 Apprentices

Andrew Hannigan

X150 Apprentice


Jillian Kane

X150 Apprentice


Sammy Rodriguez

X150 Apprentice

Hannah Shaffer

X150 Apprentice


X150 Interns

Tyler Dodson

X150 Intern


Jake Tsakos

X150 Intern


Application Steps

To be considered, applicants are required to submit the following forms in order to complete their personal Intern Portfolio.
With the exception of the resume, all items in the portfolio must use the corresponding Calvary form. We will not accept an email as a recommendation; however a separate email may accompany the Calvary recommendation form(s) and be sent to Pastor Jeremy Westbrook.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the average applicant?
For part-time interns, our applicants are usually college-aged students who want vocational skill training in a ministry setting.

Full-time interns are typically individuals that have recently graduated with their college or seminary degree, have some ministry experience or work on a church staff, have demonstrated a potential for leadership, and are seeking to become a ministry leader or church planter.

You must be over 18 years old to intern at Calvary Church.

What will my weekly responsibilities be?
This internship is designed to give you direct experience in multiple ministry settings. On top of ministry hours, the internship will have teaching and training courses from church leaders. It is 50% experience and 50% training.
What is the selection process?
Calvary has a very intentional and strategic intern selection process.

• Intern Application is received, a confirmation email is sent to the applicant
• Applicant begins completing their Intern Portfolio by getting required recommendations & submitting a resumé. (See Application Steps)
• All Portfolios are reviewed, but only a select group of students will be chosen for an interview
• Theological Interview
• Check of References
• Background Check completed (Includes a federal/state/local screening + a national sexual predator registry screening)
• Notification of acceptance from the Senior Associate Pastor
• Proof of health and auto insurance verified. All employment documents completed.

Calvary has the right to refuse any application/intern portfolio based on any and all standards outlined in the Bible.

How do I apply for Calvary’s Intern Program?
Please see the Application Steps section above.
When can I start?
The X150 Internship will start mid-August.
Does Calvary give benefits to participants?
Calvary does not offer benefits to interns. Participants need to have their own health and auto insurance. We will ask for proof of health and auto insurance before your internship starts.
Can I work and be an intern at the same time?
Part-time interns may have an additional job that works around the internship ministry hours.

Due to the workload and hours full-time, interns will not have the time to pick up an additional job.

Will I be paid as an Intern?
Yes. The internship pays:
Part time internship 12,000 a year.
Full time internship is 12,000 + Support Raised Funds.
*We believe if God has called you to full time staff as an intern that God will provide the funds through support raising and scholarships.
Does Calvary Church provide housing accommodations?
Calvary Church may be able to provide housing for some full-time year round interns.
Can I go to school and be an intern at the same time?
Absolutely! Our internships are designed for college aged students and recent graduates.
Do I need a car?
Yes, having a car is preferred. Calvary Church is one church with three locations. Participants will sometimes be asked to serve at activities at our other campuses. Each participant is responsible for providing his or her own transportation to our locations.
Do I need a laptop?
It is very helpful, but not required.
What are the standards that Interns must abide by?
Calvary Church expects all staff members, leaders and interns to behave in a manner that would be above reproach and reflect positively on Christ and His body, the Church. Intern Discipleship program participants will be held to the same standards as Church Staff. Calvary has the right to release any participant based on any and all standards outlined in the Bible.

Some examples of expectations for Interns include, but are not limited to:
• Commit to refrain from activities that could cause a new believer to stumble such as: abusing prescription drugs; consuming alcohol, tobacco or illegal drugs; or engaging in gambling of any type.
• If single, commit to sexual purity, and commit only to dating another believer. If married, commit to marital fidelity.
• Commit to living above reproach: this includes completely avoiding situations that may lead to temptation or may appear compromising in any way.
• Interns will not begin a dating relationship with anyone affiliated with Calvary Church while employed as an Intern. Exceptions may be made for dating relationships established prior to your internship, but does require a discussion with the Lead Pastor of Ministries before the internship begins.
Other standards include, but are not limited to:

Calvary staff, leaders, and interns are encouraged to:
• Have a daily walk with Christ including Bible study and prayer.
• Participate in corporate worship.
• Connect with others in the body of Christ.
• Maintain unity of the church.
• Exhibit the fruits of the Spirit.
• Support the church through regular giving.
• Intentionally build relationships to bring people to dynamic life in Christ.

Calvary staff, leaders, and interns should not:
• Ride alone with a person of the opposite sex.
• Go to lunch alone with a person of the opposite sex.
• Display overt and inappropriate affections or engage in any inappropriate physical relationships.
• Visit anyone of the opposite sex alone at home.
• Counsel the opposite sex alone.
• Discuss marriage or sexual problems with the opposite sex.
• Have a member of the opposite sex spend the night. Excluding family members of the opposite sex.

Are there any job guarantees after the program?
There is no guarantee of employment at Calvary Church or outside of Calvary Church after completion of the program. However, with Calvary’s vision to multiply through campuses, church plants, and revitalizations we are always looking for leaders with experience. This is a great foot in the door to future ministry opportunities.
Who should I contact for more information?