X150 Pipeline

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God is moving. Are you?

Calvary believes that a healthy local church equips and sends people to represent Jesus among the un-churched here in our community and around the world. To that end, the Multiplication Pipeline was developed in 2018 as a way to equip the men and women of Calvary to be part of the X150 vision. If you believe God is calling you to be part of X150, we would like to invite you to join the Multiplication Pipeline.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Multiplication Pipeline?

The Multiplication Pipeline is designed to help discover and develop ministry leaders and church planting missionaries. Participants receive specific training through self-study, reflection, and coaching.

What is the format of the Multiplication Pipeline?

o Flexible schedule with meetings October through May

o Online-based training

o Requires participants to invest approximately 2–3 hours per week into assignments

o Coaches provided to encourage participants and facilitate monthly meetings

o Large group meetings and one-on-one coaching provided

o Provides opportunities to learn, develop, and integrate lessons into your walk with Christ and ministry through Calvary Church and X150

What the Multiplication Pipeline is not:

A Bible Study: While Multiplication Pipeline content is highly integrated with Scripture, Pipeline training is only designed to equip participants with tools they need to grow as missional leaders.

Theological Training: While the material touches on basic theology, it is not designed to dive deeply into theological matters. This purpose is fulfilled by Calvary Church in other learning environments.

Ministry-specific Training: While Multiplication Pipeline training can help develop missional leaders who serve in any area of ministry, it is not intended to develop skills in any specific area of ministry.

What is the content overview of the Multiplication Pipeline?

Year 1: Participants grow as disciples of Christ through training in spiritual formation, biblical knowledge, and missional living.

Year 2: Year two prepares participants for ministry leadership and disciple-making while exploring a call to further missional involvement through church planting as a lead planter or team member.

Year 3: Year three helps potential church planters prepare to be sent and explore methods and models of church planting.

What are the requirements of the X150 Multiplication Pipeline?

o Be an active, covenant member of Calvary Church

o Complete registration form

o Attend Multiplication Pipeline meetings held the first Sunday of every month (from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. at the Student Ministry Center, Clearwater Campus)

o Meet with your coach once every month for one-on-one coaching

o Complete all Multiplication Pipeline assignments